Dress to Impress

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How do you dress for work? Is a business suit your choice of threads for the day-time? Or maybe it’s jeans & a t-shirt? Does what you do, or the sector you work in influence that choice? Or maybe you’ve got no option and have to follow a dress-code?

It’s an interesting topic, one covered recently and eloquently by Michelle Rodger @tartancat in her Sunday column. I’m intrigued to know what people think.

As you may know, we’re business advisors to a mixture of client types, all generally self-employed – oil & gas contractors, creative freelancers, businesses, and startups. Four very different groups and each with different expectations.

If you’re an oil & gas guy meeting me to talk about your personal tax planning does it help or hinder if I’m in a suit? Or does it make no difference?

The feedback we get from our creative clients is that the way our office looks – @johannabasford described it last week as looking like Ugly Betty – and the way we look (casual dress code) makes them feel at ease. The suits are actually intimidating to these guys.

Just what is the expectation these days, or is it more about what you do, how well you do it, than how you look (within reason!)?

Let me know what you think!