Every Day’s a Schoolday

I was talking with a young entrepreneur yesterday. He was telling me that his You Tube channel has 10,000 subscribers and that his posts have been viewed tens of thousands of times. One of them is ranked #11 in the WORLD in its’ genre. He was telling me that a few games companies have approached him and asked him to make vids for them and design digital logos for their games. Pretty impressive, huh?

He then went on to tell me about his plans to launch a website and his thoughts about how to build revenue. He figured that with 10,000 subscribers to his You Tube channel, he should be able to sell advertising space / links to the games companies. He’s also in demand as a designer so can offer his work to a much wider audience. He quizzed me about what else he could do.

We also talked about equipment. He’s doing all this on a basic pc, linked to his x-box, with software he gets on free trial over the ‘net. His shopping list includes a Mac, design & studio software, and some fancy kit that converts video/tv/games footage to digital. He’s looking to setup a company.

Now, none of this sounds unfamiliar to those of us in the business world, however this kid was 14! He’s so “switched on” to today’s technology and how he can make it work for him as well as the opportunities it brings. It’s just natural for him, he’s been using this stuff since he was a nipper. I learned SO MUCH from him!

We talked for well over an hour. Well, actually he talked. And with such passion! I listened and interjected now & again. I was in awe. And to be honest, mighty impressed. If this is how today’s teenagers think, then we’re in safe hands.

I was also proud. How come? Well, he’s my son Andy! A chip off the old block……… 🙂

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