I was sitting in Cafe Nero (I know, I do almost live there!) in Perth this week. Where it differed from Aberdeen was that instead of folk sitting using iPhones or laptops, the majority in Perth were reading a newspaper.

These were mostly retired people and it got me thinking. In this age of instant communication, where we can choose what news we consume, how much are we missing?

A few years back this was called “narrowcasting” – and we all do it now. We get the P&J delivered to the office but I don’t read it, Tricia cuts out all the “relevant” news then scans it and emails it to the team.

In the old days I’d read the paper, and a story you wouldn’t normally have read would catch your eye. As a consequence your general knowledge would improve and expand.

Choosing what news we consume is a huge benefit in these time-starved days, but it can’t be good for us, can it?

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