Cycling is the new golf!

On Wednesday afternoon I went to Gleneagles. Nothing that unusual there, I was down for the Exchange conference a month ago and have been there on corporate golf days numerous times over the years.

However, this time the sticks were left at home. Instead, my carbon frame race bike was carefully placed into the boot of my car for the journey down, because we were on our way to take part in the Etape McGrigors.

Yep, our legal advisors had organised a day of corporate cycling! 30 guests, a mixture of clients and contacts descended on Perthshire for a unique event. After a light lunch we’d set off for a 50 mile ride. This was going to be an epic day!

We all set out together, but by the time we got to the main climb of the day at Dunnning the field had been ripped to shreds, with a select group of five of us leading the way, three of us in Freelance World kit  🙂

Arriving back at Gleneagles we had the use of the health suite – some chose a sauna, some a swim, some just chilled out. Before we knew it, it was time for dinner, which we enjoyed in Desio’s. After 50 miles we were all ravenous, so the food disappeared double quick! A polka dot jersey (given to the King of the Mountains in the Tour De France) was presented to the poor guy who made it to the top of the Dunning climb with us, only to stop for a pee and find himself all alone! The Malliot Jaune (or Yellow Jersey) went to my clubmate Colin Pearson, who had sat on my wheel all day and then jumped me for the win. When will I learn that there are no prizes for being the strongest?

Bob Rudiman from McGrigors told us that it had been the best response they’d ever had to a corporate event – they even had people asking if they could come, and a waiting list was required! We’re now setting up a monthly business bike ride at the end of each month. We’ll meet around 3pm, head out for 50 miles, then go somewhere for supper.

Cycling is definitely the new golf!

4 thoughts on “Cycling is the new golf!

  1. hey there! People took their own bikes. There’s another similar event on in Aberdeen today – it’s catching on!!

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