Rising Westerley 100 mile timetrial

Rather than tell you about my woes, I think race organiser Isobel Smith’s race report sums up the magnitude and challenge of the day. Here it is, copied word for word.

Result of Rising Westerly 100 TT 29th August 2010
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Start 7am Course AB100/2
Must be the worst day ever to ride a 100TT..
5am Raining and gale force wind ,
6am Drying out ,bitterly cold and gale force wind
7am Sun trying to emerge,still bitterly cold and gale force wind.
7.30am Sun gave up, raining,still bitterly cold and gale force wind.
8am Chucking it with rain and bitterly cold and gale force wind
9am Ballater turn , Guess what . Horizontal rain, even colder and
gale force wind
9.30 am Lost Joe Wilson. Hear he’s wrapped up in a sleeping bag in the Royal Albert van. Hypothermia had taken its toll. 55 miles covered.
Carlos even considered giving up.
10am Nae change in the weather and we’ve lost Keith Robertson. Eventually get call from a nice Bobbie to tell us he’d sought shelter in a hotel near Aboyne. They kindly wrapped him up in tinfoil , but not enough flesh on him to roast for Sunday lunch so
they gave him loads of tea instead to thaw him out..
!0.15am Hear that Dick Dasterly Stewart and Ali McGill had packed on way up to
!0.30.am Books open on whether Carlos will get under 4 hours. Nae chance.
Peterculter marshals wondering if the riders are ever going to appear.
At last Bob Brown struggles through the puddles ,a few minutes ahead of Carlos.
Stephen Cairns stops for a few minutes at Crathes to put on dry gloves and stock up on energy gels.
11 am Still some riders to pass through Crathes . Marshalls are cold and wet.
11.45am the sun comes out for the last couple of miles home but it’s still cold and blowing a gale.. Told that it was a head wind out and a head wind home.
Bob Brown first home, followed by Cairns . Where is Carlos? Will I send someone out to look for him? He’s been caught and passed.. How many have done that in Scotland?
The remainder bravely finished and John Campbell actually said he quite enjoyed it. Twas a challenge..One has to wonder.
Well done lads but dinna think the times will make for any changes in the BAR tables.
Must be a record 7 finishers

One thought on “Rising Westerley 100 mile timetrial

  1. Oh no – that sounds like a god awful day without a doubt.

    Glad you are ok and there was nothing serious that happened to any of the riders!!

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