The Hoxton Hotel – a stylish place to stay in London

I travel to London quite often. I’ve always struggled to find somewhere decent to stay. Somewhere affordable, in a decent location, with a bit of soul. There’s nothing worse than being cooped up in a Holiday Inn Express when you’re on your own. It can break your heart.

However, thanks to twitter, I won’t have this worry ever again. Knowing that we’d be going down in mid-October I sent out a tweet asking for recomendations for somewhere to stay. I got a few replies back and we had a look. The Hoxton grabbed our eye, we liked the look & feel of the website.  It was sassy, stylish, with a bit of attitude. I like that. So we booked.

Only a five minute walk from Old Street tube station, the hotel was buzzing when we arrived at 10pm on Friday night. It’s also a stylish bar & restaurant, and clearly one of the more popular venues in Shoreditch of an evening. We checked in and headed back down to join the throng in the bar. A few minutes later we were holed up in the corner with a bottle of champagne. A nice way to start the weekend.

The Hoxton is stylish but un-pretentious. The staff were young, friendly, & looked as good as the hotel. This place kicked ass. There were nice touches everywhere, from the computers for hotel guests (a suite of Mac’s & iPad’s!) to the little notices around the hotel that didn’t take themselves too seriously but still got their point across.

The Hoxton Grill is the name of the restaurant at the hotel. In the morning it serves a mean breakfast, but they make it very clear that this isn’t gonna be a £20 London rip-off. There’s a great selection, from porridge at £4 (it was fantastic, with pumpkin seeds & honey!) to a bacon bap for £6, to the Full English for £10. And tea & coffee came included, as many cups as you could take.

The decor and music in the restaurant complimented the hotel and added to the feel of a very chilled-out, funky, Urban Lodge (as they call it). And at £140 a night for a double room, it was bloody good value. I’ve now found my London base & can’t wait to go back!

Some pictures……

7 thoughts on “The Hoxton Hotel – a stylish place to stay in London

  1. I have The Hoxton booked for a night in July next year (for £1 – can you believe it?!) and looking forward to it all the more so now that I’ve read this. It’s always great to hear good reviews from people you know.

  2. You will love it Leanne! We saw the £1 offer on the website, amazing. And I can tell you that the hotel is as cool as the website would suggest. Just very, very busy on a Friday & Saturday night so don’t expect to be able to go in for a quiet drink.

  3. Hi,
    I am a 3rd year Advertising & Brand Communication student and am currently working on a project to create a unique hotel concept. My team and I are looking into developing a hotel that would accommodate creative teams visiting London for business, focusing on creating an inspiring atmosphere and also combining pleasure with leisure. I was wondering what do you look for in a hotel when visting London?

    Any information and/or tips from your experiences would be very helpful and appreciated.



    1. Hey Georgia! First off location is important. Then I want somewhere that’s nicely styled, and that’s a good experience. Finally, I don’t want to pay a “stupid” price for this. Hoxton get it. As do Citizen M in Glasgow. I’ve heard that Mint Hotel in London is pretty cool too. We did look at one in Dalston, but it was too far out and a pain in the ass to get to 🙂

      Hope this helps!


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