It’s nearly two weeks since the crash. It’s been an “interesting” experience.

It’s amazing what you can’t do with just one hand. Tried tying your laces? Or putting socks on? How about cutting up your food? It’s not easy! Even having a shower was a challenge at first, but we’re getting better at that 🙂

But you adapt. Showering is now fine, albeit a bit weird. I’ll spare you the details. I figured out how to put my socks on last week – I was really proud of that! Jo’s still cutting up my food though.

Putting on clothes has moved on too. For the first couple of days I couldn’t move my left arm, so I had to drape a shirt over it. It wasn’t pretty. Yesterday I managed to wear a polo-shirt and a jersey and then put my sling on. Small things make you so pleased.

The hospital put me on strong painkillers, which I really needed. Breaking your collarbone in 3 places isn’t funny. However, as well as numbing the pain, the codeine was also numbing my brain. I felt dopey, and struggled to get the right words out when I was tired so we’ve changed the dose and cut down the codeine. Almost immediately I felt more alert! At lunch with my Chairman yesterday I couldn’t stop talking, back to my old self. Happy.

So, tomorrow I go back to hospital for a checkup. They’ll take another x-ray and we’ll see how it’s healing. I’m worried about my lump, but everyone’s told me it’s normal. Tomorrow we’ll see. I’ve called it Ricco, after that little cheating scumbag Ricardo Ricco, ‘cos he’s a total pain in the neck!

All being well I’ll be back on the turbo this weekend. Just a light spin, but it’ll be good to be back on the bike. It’s really not that long now ’til Mallorca……


3 thoughts on “Recovery

  1. Good to hear you are adapting Alasdair. That’s what survival of the fittest is all about! We will plan that dinner here in the New Year to give you time to recover (and be mobile again). Love to Joanna and the kids. Ailsa x

  2. Hi Ailsa, adapting slowly, and wincing after seeing the x-ray today (it’s on today’s blog post). Yes, dinner in the new year (once i can drive again!) would be good. Love to the family, Alasdair x

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