I’m Glad I Broke My Collarbone!

Strange as it might seem, and bearing in mind that it’s nowhere near healed yet, I’m actually glad I broke my collarbone! No, honestly, I am! It’s taught me a lot about myself and about the people in my life.

Before I get into that though, it’s important, as Craig McKenna pointed out when I was telling him about my idea to write this blog, that I put in a disclaimer. I am not advocating breaking bones as a personal development plan. No Siree!

Some good things that have happened: –

  • I’ve learned what it’s like not to have full use of either my limbs or my faculties. Those painkillers muddled with my brain. I really didn’t like that. With one arm & hand out of action I’ve had to learn how to get by with one arm. Try putting on a sock, drying yourself after a shower, or cutting up your food.
  • I’ve learned who my real friends are. Who’s taken time to get in touch, drop me a tweet or email, give me a call. Some people have pleasantly surprised me.
  • I’ve had time to work on stuff I wouldn’t have done if I’d been at work. I’ve been working from home for almost 3 weeks now, and although I’ve been connected in to the office I haven’t had the interruptions I would have had if I’d actually been in Aberdeen. I’ve got loads of strategic & planning stuff done. Happy.
  • I’ve learned that my pain threshold is a lot higher than I thought.
  • I’ve had the will I / won’t I dilemma of commuting this past week in snow taken away. Snow? Ice? I’m staying put thank you very much. Ang actually told me NOT to come in!

I’ve also learned that life goes on. Almost from the moment I hit the deck, at 35mph, I had accepted that this would be a new experience and that I should embrace it. Once I got in that ambulance I felt safe, and thanks to the love and care of Joanna, Andy, Rebecca, and so many others I’ve felt safe ever since.

It’s been frustrating not being able to help around the house, or outside clearing snow. I just can’t. It’s not physically possible. I’ve resigned myself to simply being positive, encouraging, happy, smiley, and the provider of hugs (well, as much as you can with one arm!). I’ve also loved being here at lunchtime and having lunch ready for Jo when she gets home from work. Simple things.

A few people have said “are you not bored?”. Bored? I haven’t had the time! I got my routine of breakfast, coffee, catch up online, get a few hours work done, lunch, a bit more work, rest, dinner, catch up on emails / twitter / facebook, then it’s time for bed. I’ve actually got magazines & books that I thought I’d be able to read still sitting unopened in a pile. Bored? No chance!

Finally, I’ve been amazed by some lovely people who have kept my spirits up when I’ve been having a bad day. My family, that goes without saying. But I’ve also realised that I’ve made some great friends this past year and who have been amazing these past few weeks. At the top of the list is Mr John Hunter, @YthanJohn. He broke his collarbone back in August at a race I was at. First rider off in the prologue, John’s fork sheared as he crossed the finish line and down he went. Looked nasty & it was. John’s been a daily inspiration, cheers mate. He’s closely followed by my new twitter mates, the #mrbenn chefs Brian Barnes, Wilma Duff, Kev O’Neil, and Julie B. You guys rock.

As I said, I’ve accepted this as a learning experience and it’s taught me loads! As the saying goes, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”.

21 thoughts on “I’m Glad I Broke My Collarbone!

  1. Good to hear Al, glass is always half full! Hope you’re doing well, definitely a good plan to stay inside in this weather. We’ve even got it bad down here, Forth Road Bridge was closed for the first time ever because of snow the other day. It is beautiful though

    1. I saw that Stu! Never heard of the bridge being closed before! I think the world might be ending….. You home for Christmas?

  2. Wow. That was a great read, Ali, and an inspiring attitude. You’ve been so upbeat throughout it all and I’m really impressed by your positivity.

    Just one thing though – don’t even pretend you want to be out there clearing the snow πŸ˜‰

    So glad you’re healing quickly in mind and body. Take care x

    1. thanks mate. they will be epic beers, I can taste them now, or maybe that’s the Leffe I’ve just opened…. {H}

  3. Gee, I’m filling up here! Brian may be a time hero but you are officially a super hero. And will be made to dress as one when you’re fixed – don’t think it would be easy getting the tights on with one arm! Mind you, I know you’d give it a go.
    Big {H}. Lots.

  4. Will be home for christmas if I can get up the road! Got a train booked on christmas eve (got to wait till then now that i’ve got an actual job…bummer) so will just have to wait and see. Sure it will have cleared up enough by then, and if not then i’ll just hitch a lift up with someone driving past in a nice land rover discovery!

  5. I broke my collarbone 4 years ago. The doctor told me it would heal itself after a while, when the doctor told me I was good I started to workout calisthenics (no weights) but now my body is not symmetrical my right side (where my broken collarbone) I’m not the same as and my left side. Does it somehow can be restored to its normal position now, and whether my body will become symmetrical and if I can pordolzham with my calisthenics workout

  6. U sort of make me feel better. i came off my bike real hard today. i was carrying a piece of alloy tube when a guy cut in front of me on a dirt track in a village in Brasil. Im not quite sure but they tell me it’s not broken but rather there are these ligaments that hold it in place and i have damaged them. I’ve been here nearly 2 years and about 2 months ago i stopped my health plan as they raised the price by over 50% as i hit 44. i’m paying for my wife and child too. i’m really healthy so i thought bugger this, and now i bloody well need it! its’ uncanny how this kind of crap can happen. i could have fallen of 100 different ways but i had to come off the way that requires surgery. so i have the clavical bone creating a decent sized lump about an inch from my shoulder. it hurts a lot but only if i move. the doc in the public hospital said i can have surgery but i have to wait at the hospital. like in the hallway, whilst they try to get me some theatre time at that or another hospital. and he doesn’t know how many hours or days i might have to wait. the halls were already full of beds and people. i guess they were waiting too. anyway, im having an ultrasound image done tomorrow and that is supposed to help nail exactly what’s happened and hopefully get me into an operating theatre a bit quicker. i hope i get through this a happily as u did. i don’t have the snow and ice to deal with so that’s a good start!

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