Reflections on my short “break”

As regular visitors to my blog will know, I’m not talking about a holiday. I’m talking about my crash on 13th November 2010 when I smashed my left collarbone into pieces. You can read about it here.

It’s now nine weeks on and the collarbone has healed. It’s strengthening now and in three weeks time I get back out on the road on my bike. I can’t wait for that day now.

So what have I learned in those nine weeks?

A lot about myself & the people around me. I’ve also learned to rest more, which will please my friend Kev O’Neil!

I knew I had a good team at Freelance World, but I didn’t know quite how good they are. I’ve had to spend about half of those nine weeks at home, either due to the pain or the weather, however the business has continued to grow and develop. I’ve realised that I don’t need to be there every day to make it work, which frees me up to do the creative, innovative stuff that I’m best at and that I love!

I’ve learned who my friends are, old & new. Some amazing people who’ve taken time out of their busy lives to check in and see how I am. Who send me a cheery email or tweet out of the blue. That helped no end in the early days after the crash.

And it would be wrong of me if I didn’t say that I was disappointed by a few people who disappeared off the face of the earth. But hey ho! That’s life, isn’t it?

I’ve learned that sometimes I have to accept that things will be out of my control and just to go with it. Having to rely on trains taught me this! No point in stressing about it.

So, as I come out of the other end of this experience, I hope that I come out better for it and wiser. I may just live my life a little slower, just slow enough to fit in some of that “rest” stuff that Kev said I should try. And more appreciative of the people around me, both in my business & personal life.

And finally, most importantly, what a wonderful family I have. Joanna’s been there for me every step of the way and Andy & Becs have helped to keep my spirits high. They’re behind everything that I do, the reason that I am who I am, and I appreciate them that much more after this.

6 thoughts on “Reflections on my short “break”

  1. I think your post is a reminder to us all not to take life for granted and also to take care of ourselves in every way possible. Sadly for us all we fall for that fatal error of waiting until the inevitable happens before we make that necessary review of life and how we are progressing against our true internal values.

    Take care of you.

  2. Hi Ali, glad to hear you’re getting on well.

    Interesting to hear you speaking about how being in the office less has made you realise the place still runs without you and allows you to concentrate on developing the business. I think some managers fall into the trap of thinking they always have to be there instead of trusting and empowering their teams to do the job without them.

    I’m also a big believer in not stressing about things out with your control, especially public transport!

    Looking forward to hearing about what Freelance World will be getting up to this year with all the creative and innovative thinking you will be doing.

    1. Thanks Fiona, the problem with being “in” the office is that you end up getting absorbed into doing “stuff” or caught up in things you really don’t need to be involved in.

      I’ll be spending much more time out of the office from now on. The more thinking / planning time the better – an excuse for more time on the bike perhaps???

      Some innovations to be rolled out in the next two weeks. Exciting times!!

  3. Alasdair

    I’ll admit I havent been on twitter for sometime and lost touch with many people whom i’ve met both personally and through business/previous employers

    I’m sorry to hear of your accident and the recovery process which has come with this. Although after reading your reflection – it’s definitely inspired me. I’ve had a tough 4 months myself, which is one reaon why ive kept a low profile, but i’m getting back to myself and moving forward with a new year.

    I hope you are well and I wish you all the best for this year and with your up and coming cycling challenges.

    Regards Tim

  4. Alasdair,

    I’m sorry to read about your “accident” but can fully appreciate where you are coming from. I had to do exactly the same thing a couple of years ago. A time of reflection should be taken by everyone.

    Cheers, Karen

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