Training Camp day 2

We woke this morning to rain. Nothing heavy, but enough to make the roads greasy.

We’d flown in to Palma yesterday morning, all looking forward to a week riding our bikes. After getting to the hotel the bikes were quickly unpacked and we set off for a spin up to the view point at Cap Formentor. On the climb Simon, myself & Martin rode off the front and tested our legs. It was good to feel the effort as we climbed.

You can imagine how we felt when we saw the rain. This is the sunshine island! Our ride today would take a route skirting the mountains in the north of the island then inland to Petra for coffee before a fast ride back in to Alcudia.

As we set off, the rain got heavier and within 30 minutes we were all soaked. With the roads being greasy, we were taking it easy on corners and around the many roundabouts. It wasn’t looking good, a few people were even talking about pressing on.

However, we upped the gas at the front and headed inland and the rain lessened. I wanted a decent workout today, so was spending a lot of time on the front, the majority content to sit in.

Before too long we were beyond Petra and flying with the wind behind. A look at my Garmin showed we were doing almost 30mph on the flat, yet I was only doing 150 watts! If only it could be like this at home.

So, two days into the camp and things are going well. The group’s gelling well and we’re testing each others legs.

Tomorrow we head into the mountains. We’ll see who’s strongest then!

2 thoughts on “Training Camp day 2

  1. Well if it makes you feel any better at all mate, it’s been snowing here all day and it’s heading north. You would have been stucknon the turbo at best. Hope it dries for tomorrow. Ride safe 😉

  2. Mate, sounds like it’s been awful at home! Awoke to a beautiful blue sky for our first day in the mountains. It will be in soggy shoes, as they haven’t dried out yet, but hey ho! Epic day ahead 🙂

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