Training Camp Update

Over the past few evenings we’ve been sharing tales of previous camps. There just aren’t the characters coming out here anymore. Over two weeks this year there’s been 60 people, down from a peak of about 100 three years ago.

Simon’s been regaling us with tales of people such as Asda-Man and Billy Big Ring. These guys have gone down in cycling folk-lore.

This year’s bunch are poor by comparison. We’ve got Rapha Nick, dressed head-to-toe in Rapha (google it – nice kit but very, very expensive), who doesn’t speak in the bunch (he’s too serious a racer you see!). There’s Shaftsbury Claire, a very good racer, and our favourite, Captain America or the Chattanooga Choo choo. He & his mate have travelled all the way over from NYC to train in Europe. That alone deserves respect.

However, the revelation, and the characters of this years camp, are Team Brick. Three lads from Swindon, all out here for the first time, and so christened because they’re the size of a brick shit-house!

The lads are having a blast. We’ve all just had a beer in the hotel bar after dinner. Team Deeside are off to bed. Team Brick? They’re off into Alcudia in search of whatever delights it may have to offer.

It’s a hundred mile ride in the mountains tomorrow, but Team Brick are off larging it up.

You have to admire their spirit!

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