Bike Fit with Vankru

That has to go down as one of my busiest weeks in quite some time. As well as the usual full-on week at Freelance, I also managed to fit in 3 turbo sessions on the bike, 2 gym sessions, and a bike-fit session!

On the Monday when we were out in Mallorca, the weekly email from Deeside Thistle included an offer on the Retul bike-fitting service from Vankru Cycling. This is the same system that’s been used by pro-cycling teams HTC and Saxo Bank. If it’s good enough for them, then it’s definitely good enough for me!

I arranged to meet Garth in Banchory on Monday evening at 6.30pm. We setup my bike on his turbo, and I warmed up as he setup the Retul kit. It was impressive stuff, recording 29 different bits of data a second! But before we started to do that, Garth took me through a flexibility test. The good news is that I’m very flexible! All that stretching, plus the massages from Joey, seem to be doing the trick.

I wanted to get both my Time Trial & Road bikes setup, as both are quite different riding positions. So first up it was the TT bike. Garth applied half a dozen little velcro stickers to my shoulder, elbow, hip, knee, ankle, and shoe. To these he fitted little sensors that the Retul machine would use to record my data. Data such as my upper body angle, hip movement, reach, and pedaling style. I was then asked to do 3 different efforts, easy, medium & hard, and the computer would record my data for each effort.

Not only that, but it also displayed me, pedaling away, as a wee stick man on the laptop screen. Funny! With the data, Garth was able to analyse my position on the bike and then make some changes. My saddle height was raised by 13mm, and my bars raised ever so slightly. What a difference it made! Then we recorded a new set of data, which showed a dramatic improvement. It felt much more powerful too! Garth made a couple of other minor tweaks, recorded again, and we were done.

Road bike next! We went through the same process of recording, analysing, changing the setup, and recording again. The road bike was feeling so much better – it was like being on a different bike!

After some more tweaking, almost four hours after we’d started we were done. Garth output all of the data into an easy to understand report for each bike. He’d email me this the next day. Having this means that I can setup my winter training bike, and also any new bikes in the future, so that they fit my new specifications.

I’ve done turbo sessions on each bike this week, and then trained on the road bike this weekend. What a difference! Both bikes feel so much more comfortable and I feel like I’m putting out a LOT more power. In fact, I’m going to have to do a power test this weekend just to see what difference it’s made!

2 thoughts on “Bike Fit with Vankru

    1. Hi Garth, going really well thanks. Did 220 miles over 3 days last week in a charity event. Sore achilles, I think just from doing that amount of mileage in the new position. Loving how powerful it feels 🙂

      All good with you?

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