Noticing Stuff

The past few weeks have been interesting. It’s been a whirlwind at Freelance World, where we’re working really hard to build something special. It’s also been the traditional start of winter training.

However, as I wrote earlier this year, I’m finished with racing now. I’ve done it for five years, trained hard and made a lot of sacrifices. And it turns out that I’m not really that good. I realised that I don’t want to be average, that’s not my style, so I’m no longer a racer and the motivation to train so hard has gone. It’s just not a big deal now if I miss a session or two. And I’m okay with that.

My focus now is on continuing the great work that we’re doing with Freelance. We truly are World Class, and our innovation and creativity trumps anyone in our industry. Anywhere. In. The. World. That’s pretty cool.

Now I’m not going to let myself go overnight. I still want to keep fit. I’ll still run, visit the gym, and ride my bike. But with a different mindset now. I want to be fit and healthy so that we can make the most of the amazing opportunity we have with Freelance. It was running on Saturday when the inspiration for this blog came to me. When I started running back in the summer I always went out with my iPod & headphones. I thought music would help. But actually I’ve found out that I prefer having no music. Having all my senses alive to what’s going on around me. And it’s amazing what I notice.

Saturday morning was frosty. A crisp, bright, sunny morning. Too dangerous to go out on the bike – I’m not breaking anything again!! So I decided to go for a run. Where I live the countryside is amazing, and in Autumn the colours are beautiful. As I climbed the hill towards Chapel of Garioch I was very aware of my breathing. I could hear the birds chirping and the babble of the stream on my left. I stopped at the top of the hill at Dubston and just took it all in. A broad smile came across my face. The views were amazing, it was a gorgeous day. I felt ALIVE!

And for me that’s what it’s about now. Keeping fit. Enjoying being out. Me and my thoughts. Noticing stuff.

2 thoughts on “Noticing Stuff

  1. It’s an age thing Ali……………..appreciate your eye sight and hearing with your heart pumping in the background…….it’s just a matter of time….minutes,hours,days and years………… you’ll be on countdown to 40. SAD BUT TRUE ……..ask Stubbsy …lol

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