It’s a fair cop…..

So, last week I got a speeding ticket. Balls! The stretch of road at the end of our street – about a mile or so of straight road into Inverurie recently changed from a 40 to a 30.

On Tuesday I was rushing Andy down for his doctor’s appointment when I forgot, and drove as I had done for the past seven years, doing 40. By the time I’d got half way along two of Her Majesty’s finest were waving me down. In fairness, they were perfectly decent. In fact, when they realised we were running late for Andy’s appointment they took a note of my numbers and let us get on our way. “We’ll call you back and arrange to meet up later”. I’m surprised they didn’t want to friend me on Facebook!

Andy & I went for some lunch, then went home. I noticed a missed call, my phone had been on silent. The officers had left a message on my phone “hi Alasdair, can you pop round to the station when you get a minute….”. I was finding this a bit odd tbh.

30 minutes later my phone rang again but I missed it. I had my headphones on and was working on a  big email. A couple of minutes later Andy appeared at the office door with the house phone – the officer was on the phone. “Hi Alasdair, are you around for the next hour? Can we pop round?”. This was getting weird.

Half an hour later they arrived. Two really friendly, decent guys. We chatted about the weather, about Andy playing for Loco’s and bizarrely about my Trion-Z wrist band! Meantime they filled out the paperwork.

I asked if it wouldn’t be better id they were using an iPad or similar device. It would save a lot of work when they got back to the station. They agreed.

They then “charged” me, just in case I didn’t pay within 28 days. This saved having to come back again  if that happened. WTF?!?

Don’t worry, I said, I’ll pop online when you leave and get it paid. “You won’t be able to do that I’m afraid”, they said. Nope, I have to find time to go in to the Court House in Aberdeen, stand in a queue, and pay by cheque. How efficient.

This is a process that really needs re-designed, with the customer / user experience in mind. Yeah, I’m paying a speeding ticket, but why not automate the whole process. It would save a bunch of money and make it much, much easier to administer.

But I’m guessing that the police don’t really do Service Design. Time for the Snook guys to get involved….

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