It’s not rocket science

We’re re-designing some of the rooms in our house at the moment and needed to look for some new furniture to fit in with a couple of our room ideas. Living in Inverurie, and both being pretty knackered after a busy week, we headed for Andersons, the local furniture store. We’d been last week too, and liked some of the stuff we saw. We decided to go back for a second look.

But this blog isn’t about furniture. No. It’s about coffee. As we often do, we decided to break our trip up with a visit to Andersons in-store coffee shop. It’s a nice looking little oasis in the middle of the store. Which is the first problem.

It used to be located at the end of the building, with a view up towards Bennachie. It now overlooks the car park. Maybe I’m just being picky.

We joined the queue and ordered coffee, tea, and a rock-cake. For some reason they don’t serve you the coffee straight away, they bring it over to you. Eventually. But sometimes they forget.

I’m sure it’s done with the best of intentions, and it makes things better for them, but as a customer it’s not a good experience. Which seems to be the theme in this place.

The tea-pot looked nice, but it was one of those that spills everywhere. Ditto the milk jug. I hate that, and we used up a handful of napkins cleaning up before we even sipped our drinks.

They also don’t have menus on the table. Someone thought it would be a good idea to write the menu up on a blackboard, which you can only see when you’re queuing for coffee. They’re missing a chance to sell you more food, or to entice you back for lunch perhaps.

And to round things off, the chairs are really uncomfy! Again, they look nice, but at what cost?

You see this so often, in all walks of life. People forget to think about it from the user / customer’s point of view. What could have been a great experience was designed for the benefit of the owner or operator. Often, as in this case, that mean’s the customer experience isn’t a great one.

With just a few wee tweaks, Andersons could turn their little coffee shop into a great one. It just needs a different mindset. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes, and design everything from that perspective. It’s not rocket-science!

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