We’d been at the hospital on Friday afternoon. As I sat in the reception, waiting for Jo, the sun shone outside. The car said it was 22 degrees. I hadn’t planned on riding, but with the forecast for Saturday showing rain of biblical proportions, it would stupid not to.

So, when we got home I got changed and went out. I’d planned a 3 hour ride, up to Rothienorman, across to Fyvie, down to Methlick, on to Ellon, then backroads in to Inverurie. It’s a good ride, one of my regular 50 mile loops.

But on Friday my legs were dead. I could feel it as soon as I started to pedal, but I was sure my legs would ease themselves out of this malaise and I’d soon be flying. But it wasn’t to be, they just weren’t interested in working. To make matters worse, it was a block headwind all the way up to Fyvie. I was suffering. So I decided to just make it an easy ride.

By the time I got to Methlick, the sun had gone, it was cooling down quickly, and it was starting to rain. I was also riding just on water (with Elete electrolyte drops), and this was adding to my fatigue. If I could have lain down and gone to sleep in Methlick, I would have.

The rest of the ride home was a grind, not helped by my hunger knock. For the first time in a long while, I was just glad to get home and off the bike. It had been a long and busy week, with nowhere near enough sleep. Saturday would now need to be a rest day. No turbo, no easy spin, just rest, eat & relax.

Sunday dawned wet once again. The plan was to ride fasted again, 3 hours on water & a banana. Straight away I had different sensations, my legs felt fresh & strong.

It turned into one of those days where you hardly feel the pedals. I was attacking the climbs with gusto – I had mapped out some Strava KOM’s to target today. It felt like I could have ridden all day, the rain and wind a minor inconvenience. In fact, I was loving it. I felt alive!

What a difference a couple of days makes!

2 thoughts on “Feelings!

  1. Just discovered your blog Alistair. Is there a medical/physiological/mental reason for the difference between the two days as the outcome was immensely different? I love watching cycling and just started to get my fitness programme underway.

    Not in your league though?

    1. Hi Alan, glad you found the blog, and even better that you’ve started cycling. The difference is generally down to tiredness – a busy week, with perhaps poor nutrition and a lot of travelling leaves the body feeling jaded. I’ve learned over the years that rest & recovery is the best form of training! So on that weekend, having a chilled day on the Saturday restored the energy to my body. I woke up fresh on the Sunday, ready to take on the world!

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