That Was The Week That Was

It’s been an interesting week. In no particular order I’ve – launched a new business aimed at disrupting a traditional sector; spent a fascinating day in a marketing / branding workshop; moved forward an idea with the potential to disrupt the golf industry; ridden 120km on the Classico; met some cool people; and been humbled by a comment on twitter.

All weeks should be like this. Little time for routine (which sucks the life out of you!), lots of time out of your comfort zone (which stirs the creative juices), and spending time with interesting people (who think different).

This week I had coffee on Thursday morning with a young designer I met earlier this year by the name of Daniel Sunden. Daniel’s twitter bio, where he describes himself as a “designer & adventurer”, gives you an indication of what lies in store. Not only is he a graduate of the world famous Glasgow School of Art, he’s also from Sweden, a country where design is a national trait. It’s also a country where conscription is still part of society, so he’s served his time in the army. All of which gives him a different perspective on life. It’s refreshing and we had a most enjoyable discussion at the splendid SocietyM in Glasgow.

It’s been one of my most creative weeks. The ideas are literally pouring out of my head! I’ve taken to carrying a Moleskin jotter to scribble them down & sketch them down. The iPad is great, but it doesn’t beat a pen & paper. I can’t doodle on Evernote!

My other favourite app at the moment is the Business Model Toolbox – the app that lets you map out ideas and entire businesses using the Business Model Generator. It’s about £20, so not cheap, but if mapping is your thing then it’s a must-have. 

So how was your week? What did you do this week that moved things forward?


3 thoughts on “That Was The Week That Was

  1. Sounds like a great week. I am a moleskine and Evernote user. Though paper is featuring less and less, if I could draw in Evernote it would be great.

    My interesting week was last week. I had my 15 year old with us on work experience. He did some easy office stuff, some more challenging office stuff but what blew me away was his ability to participate in a couple of workshops I ran focussing on helping businesses get better and also at a conference I attended.

    If that wasn’t enough I receieved three emails from Company Directors saying what an interesting, engaging and highly communicative son I had. Wow

    Bet who you can guess who learned the most from his work experience!

  2. Hey Alan! Wow! I just got goosebumps reading that. I had a similar experience with my own son last year. It humbles you and makes you proud. Kids today get such bad press, but that’s not always the reality. Sounds like you’ve done a good job with your lad 🙂

    1. Yes it was most eye opening for me. Teenagers get a really bad press, and he has his moments but blew me away to be honest.

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