So, my cycling season is over, and I’m enjoying a little down time from the stress of training and racing. You put your mind & body through a lot to race your bike, even at my modest level. That’s the thing about cycling, if you don’t have the fitness, you’ll get found out. Plain & simple. So you work hard and it eventually takes its’ toll. Time to rest & chill out.

Over the past six seasons I’ve pushed my body to limits I never thought possible. I started out as the wearer of size 36 jeans and large clothing. I’m now a 30, and wear small. That’s been pretty cool (and expensive!).

I’ve also achieved (and in some cases smashed!) every racing goal I set myself way back at the start, and whilst there’s still a lot more to do on the bike, my passion for racing has dulled. So what now?

Well, there’s a little project that’s been growing and growing in the back of my mind the past few months. You see, I used to be a golfer. In fact, I was pretty good. But that was then and this is now. And a lot has changed. Back in 2000, Tiger Woods was the man, and with Tiger came a new way to play the game (we’ll ignore the cussing, spitting and club throwing tantrums for now. And the girls!) that was all about embracing sports science.

Golf has changed. Now the top players are athletes. They spend as much time in the gym as they do on the range. They manage their nutrition & hydration, and the equipment is light years away from what I grew up playing with.

So here’s my germ of an idea. And at the moment, that’s all it is – an idea.

Could the new me, the athletic, slimline, Alasdair, with the good diet, and with some golf-specific strength & conditioning work (with the help of my buddy Steve), play the game at a decent level again? It’s intriguing, and I have to say the idea, or more importantly the challenge, is growing on me.

I’m going to let this idea run around in my head for a few months, as the winter isn’t the best time to take up golf. But whilst I’m doing that, I’m also going to play a bit – just to see if the passion for the game, that once burned so bright, is still there, lurking deep down.

I’m also going to start working on my game, with the help of my brother Niall, who’s one of the best golf coaches in the UK, as well as using our new App (we launch our private beta testing in October) to track & manage my stats & performance.

Maybe, just maybe, this could be a lot of fun…..

2 thoughts on “Fore!

  1. Why, I am intrigued. I hope you get to play golf again. I’ll bookmark this page and check it from to time to time to check on how that “idea” is coming along. Best of luck!

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