Starting afresh

So, this golf idea, it’s starting to build some momentum.

Until last weekend I’d played twice this year, the same as last year, and visited the range with my son a handful of times.

Last Saturday we went to the range and hit 100 balls between us. Then we played at Kintore on Sunday – a great match with my short game the equal of Andy’s power play, helping me to turn around a 3 hole deficit with 6 holes to go and squaring the game on the last.

I then had a lesson with my brother using the Flightscope (amazing technology!) on Monday night, hit balls on Tuesday & Thursday, then again at the Paul Lawrie golf academy with Andy this morning.

Getting the bug again!

One thing that’s amazed me is the role that technology plays in golf now compared to when I last played seriously around 2002/03. I’ve already mentioned the Fllightscope, and will talk about that more in a future post. The biggest difference is the iPhone. I think I had an Ericsson mobile in 2002 that I could phone & text on, that was it.

Now, I have more apps on my phone than you can shake a stick at! Two great golf apps have really helped me in the past week – Golfshot, a gps app that gave me all my yardages at Kintore on Sunday. Cost me about £14 from the app store, and I really can’t see why I’d need to spend another £230 on a Sky Caddie. It was amazing, and it will even keep stats on my game. Pretty cool.

The other was the V1 video analysis app. I have it linked with my brother’s golf academy, so I can record swings and send them to Niall for analysis. But I can also use it to self-analyse, and to point stuff out to Andy. The camera doesn’t lie, and it makes practice so much more productive. Wow!

The other big bit of news is that we’ve applied for membership of Kintore golf club. We enjoyed playing there last weekend. It’s a decent track, with some very good holes. At 6,100 yds it’s not too long, but the Par 70 off the white tees will test the best. Fingers crossed we’ll be in by next weekend, when we plan to play both Sunday & Monday. Playing mind games with Andy already 🙂

And just to finish off, here’s proof that I used to be pretty good at this game. Found this on the King James VI golf club site last night. Club Champion 1991 🙂


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