What is LowerYourScores?

As you may know, we’ve recently gone into beta-testing with our web app, www.loweryourscores.com



LowerYourScores is designed to be an in-depth game analysis system, which will give you detailed information on every part of your game.  There are several statistics programmes on the market that record basic stats like fairways hit, greens in regulation, sand saves, total putts etc, but unfortunately this is not detailed enough information to allow you to accurately identify what you should work on to improve your game.

The game of golf is made up of 4 main disciplines, driving, approach play, short game & putting, but overall stats of these disciplines are not enough – we need to delve deeper if we want to improve.

Do you miss more fairways right than left? How much more accurate is your 3 wood off the tee than your driver? How do your short, medium & long approach shots stack up against each other?  When you hit a green in regulation, how close are you actually from the pin?  Do you up and down the ball more from 30 yards than 10 yards? Do your putts miss more left or right, and how many putts do you leave short?  Do you hole out better from 5 feet than from 3 feet, and are you hitting your long putts close enough to take the pressure off your second putt?

Golf is all about marginal gains.  Small increases in performance across several disciplines amount to a much larger improvement overall, but just like everything else in life that is worth doing, it will take a little bit of time and effort. However, with the information that we’ll capture in LowerYourScores at least you’ll know where you should be focusing that time!

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