It’s been a little while since I’ve updated the blog, it’s been a busy start on all fronts to 2013!

On the golf front things are coming together nicely. I’ve been working hard on my swing with monthly coaching from Niall. I’m loving Flightscope, being a bit of a data geek – you can clearly see and measure improvement (or otherwise!). I’ve put in a lot of hours on the range, both at Noah’s Ark when I’m in Perth and at my new golfing base in Aberdeen, the Paul Lawrie Golf Centre.

As well as being a good driving range, PLGC also has some excellent short game facilities as well as a 9 hole par 3 c ourse and I’ve been making more and more use of them as the season approaches. My chipping and bunker play feels pretty good!

I’ve continued to work on my fitness with Steve Bonthrone, and I’ve actually developed some arm & shoulder muscles. That’s the cycling career definitely over then!

However, the biggest thing in the past few months has been my focus on putting. In a round of golf, almsot 40% of the shots I hit are going to be with the putter, but we spend all day long hitting balls on the range. Seems crazy, doesn’t it. Sure, I need to be able to get (and keep!) the ball in play, but scoring’s going to be done by the wedges and putter – one of the main reasons I joined PLGC was the short game facilities that they have.

Via twitter I heard about the AimPoint green-reading system and was intrigued. The appliance of science to something, which to me had always been guesswork, I liked that! After talking to my brother about it, I decided to give it a go.


After a bit of research and some emails back and forth I managed to get myself booked on an AimPoint Fundamentals course at Falkirk golf club at the end of March. Wow! It was like someone switched the lights on! I’m not going to give away any of the AimPoint secrets here – you can go on the course for that – but if you’re serious about improving your game then this is a no brainer. On the day, every putt I read seemed to go in the center of the hole – it was like magic!

Frustratingly, the first couple of weeks of the season have been delayed due to snow, however after not playing seriously for almost a decade another couple of weeks aren’t going to hurt. I’m excited to start playing, let’s see what happens….

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