Further thoughts on Perth vs Dundee

Aberdeen & Dundee are both university cities, with strong Art & Design schools. Something that Perth doesn’t have.

These institutions stimulate and challenge not only the students but also the inhabitants of the city. And because of the academic leadership and research that goes on, the city benefits as a result. A non- university city like Perth can’t compete on this level.

For instance, on Tuesday the Global Head of Design came to speak at DJCAD in association with the V&A. That’s just part of what goes on in a progressive design school like DJCAD.

But Perth can still do stuff like this, it just has to think differently & work harder. It’s amazing what people will do if you just ask them!! But most folk sit there saying ‘no point in asking him, he won’t come (or do x,y, or z)’. They don’t even ask!

An organisation like Creative Dundee acts as the hub for everything that’s going on in the city as well as holding their own events. Maybe we need to create something similar for Perth?

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