The 5.30am club

When the alarm went off this morning at 5.30am, I’ll admit that for a fleeting second I thought about switching it off & going back to sleep. But this training isn’t going to do it on its’ own, I need to be involved! So up I got.

Today’s session was 4 x 8 minutes at threshold heart rate – that’s 152-159 beats per minute (bpm) – with 90 second recoveries. It’s one of those sessions that’s hard (especially as you go out the door at 5:45am) but on this side of do-able. The first interval is always the hardest as your body adapts to the shock you’re inflicting, even after a good warm-up. For me this session means running at approx. 7:00/mile, so it’s hard work but you know you can do it, so you grind through.

Today’s stats: –

7.9 miles; ave pace 8:13/mi; ave HR 143 bpm

Recovery day tomorrow 🙂

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