One week to go 

I realise that I haven’t written for a few weeks. Blogging is something I always struggle with – at least on a personal level. It feels somewhat self-indulgent, especially when i’m talking about something like running. It’s not exactly changing the world stuff.

And so I find myself with a week to go before the Aviemore half marathon. The last race of my first season as a runner. I’m looking forward to it, but mostly I’m looking forward to taking a complete break after it for a couple of weeks.

I realised just the other day that I raced my bike all of last season then morphed straight into running. There was no break at the end of last season, and this year the most I’ve managed is a couple of easy weeks after Edinburgh. I’m tired, and my body needs a break. A chance to recover, refresh and get the motivation back.

Today was my last long run before the race. The plan was for 30 mins easy, then 30 mins at half marathon pace. The first 30 minutes, my heart rate was elevated and I felt flat. I wasn’t looking forward to raising the tempo up to HMP. How long was I going to last I wondered.

At Longforgan I duly upped the pace, and before long I had settled into a steady rhythm, clocking 7:19 for the first mile, then easing off a little to 7:31 for the next. My HM target pace is 7:37, so this was a promising start. Another 7:31 for mile 3 and I was feeling on top of this run. Sometimes it’s amazing how you can lift yourself. The final mile was helped by a wee push on at the end, so I clocked 7:28, then it was a cool down mile and a bit back through the village.

I honestly don’t know what next week will bring. I’m tired and I need a break, so I’m not setting any targets. My only expectation is to enjoy the race and take in the scenery. If I can do that it will have been a success.


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