Aviemore no more!

It’s almost a week since I ran the Aviemore half marathon. Since then I’ve been resting, recovering & reflecting. It’s time to write this post to wrap things up.

A year ago I had never done a running race, unless you count primary school. Now I can boast a handful of 5ks, a couple of parkruns, four 10ks, a ten miler and two half marathons. Not a bad haul.

Heading into Aviemore I was tired. It dawned on me that I hadn’t had a break at the end of last season’s bike racing, so my body hadn’t had a chance to recover before I plunged into the running scene. As last week went on and the taper kicked in I was feeling better and on the day managed to take a couple of minutes off my PB. It wasn’t the time I had hoped for, but I was proud of what I’d achieved. I felt like a runner a lot during the race and passed a whole bunch of people as I picked up the pace over the last 3 miles. It gives me goosebumps now just thinking about it.

In the days after the race I have never felt so tired. I met Steve Bonthrone for a coffee on Monday late afternoon and I was struggling to speak coherently. Just. So. Tired. But as the week has gone on I’ve felt better. I’ve enjoyed eating ‘normal’ food, having a few drinks during the week (something I rarely do when I’m training & racing) and just chilling out in the evening. My brain’s enjoyed the mental break too.

This week is more of the same. I have a couple of dinners in Dundee this week, Wednesday & Thursday, so I’m just going to enjoy them without any of the normal feelings of guilt at having a dessert & a glass of wine. But I’m already thinking about getting back into training. I plan to get out for a run next weekend. Nothing long, or taxing, just a steady 10k to get the body & mind back in gear. Then I’ll pick it up a little the following week before we head out to Cyprus for some late autumn sunshine. I’m looking forward to running with the sun on my legs a few more times before I have to dig out the winter gear.

Thanks to everyone that’s supported and encouraged me on this journey. It’s been a blast!

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