Uber will change the taxi experience

Yesterday I used Uber (twice) for the first time. It was kind of exciting, having heard so much about the brand that is now worth billions of dollars, yet owns nothing other than a platform.

However, what Uber does really well is make getting a taxi easy. I’d go as far as to say it was pleasant. We knew what kind of car was coming to get us, the name of the driver, and where it was as it travelled to get us from the Drygate brewery. We were even able to choose our music via the Spotify integration. Very slick, and all delivered via their app.  

Speaking to our driver was interesting too. He was polite & friendly and the car was clean and tidy. He said that although he earned a little less working for Uber, that was more than made up for by the better clientele. Uber’s users & drivers rate each other, so it attracts a different type of customer than the typical private hire cab. 

Payment was made automatically via Apple Pay, taking another point of friction out of the process. 

A lot of traditional taxi firms are unhappy about Uber coming to Glasgow, but for me this is the type of disruption the market needs. It will raise standards and ensure a better customer experience. 

I recently took a cab in Dundee to go and collect my car after its service. The car was dirty, smelled of smoke and the driver cursed like a sailor. Maybe the coming tourist boom in Dundee, with the V&A, will encourage Uber to come to the city? I sincerely hope so!

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