The Importance of Customer Experience to Content Marketers

Content marketing is a big part of our strategy at Ashton McGill and we’re always excited to share our new content, helping to share the benefits of customer experience, answering your questions and generally adding value.

A couple of months ago we joined Chris Marr’s Content Marketing Masterclass, a fantastic community where we learn about the nuts & bolts of content marketing in a friendly, supportive environment (shhh!! Don’t tell anyone!).

Since becoming part of the community both here in Scotland and learning from global experts like Marcus Sheridan and Mark Schaefer, it’s become clear to me that Content Marketing and Customer Experience are inter-linked.

You can have the best content, building the biggest audience, but if you haven’t got your customer journey dialed-in, then it’s all for nothing.

Content marketing is about sharing your expertise, it’s about authenticity and ultimately building trust with your audience. It’s absolutely CRITICAL, then, that you deliver a great customer experience. Get it wrong, let them down by shoddy practices, poor communication, or some other problem, and they’re NEVER coming back.

You’ll have lost their trust and that’s not a place you ever want to be.

So, as the content marketing juggernaut gathers pace, remember, dear friends, that you’ve also got to get the service right too. Before you get too invested in producing great content, take some time to look at your customer journey and make sure it won’t let you down. The consequences of not doing this are too bad to bear thinking about…..

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