What’s happening?

It’s been a little while since I posted here, but I’ve been busy creating content elsewhere. Over on the Ashton McGill blog we’ve been writing about customer experience a LOT, and getting some great feedback. It’s led to some new clients and speaking opportunities, which is awesome. 

I’ve also been exploring new channels, and along with several of the CMA gang, I’m now on snapchat. Add me as a friend!

It’s been fun sharing stories, you’ll get an insight not only into my day but also into my life. 

Yesterday I ran a Design-Led workshop for the Board of Scottish Cycling. I can’t share the details with you yet, but it was an awesome session, introducing the team to the power of design thinking. This could be truly transformative for the organisation. 


I have 2 weeks (4 days!) left at UoD now and I’m super-excited to get full-time on A|M. We have so many opportunities right now.

So that’s where things are at. Have a great Sunday!

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