Upping the pace

It’s been an incredibly busy few weeks, and officially leaving my role at the University at the end of February has meant an even stronger focus on doing the One Thing that will move this business forward.

This week I’m delivering 4 workshops. Crazy! Three of those are on customer experience, it seems that this ‘language’ is finally beginning to hit the mark here in the UK. Customer experience is already big in the States, but as with many things, we’re slow to catch to here in the UK.

What’s interesting for me is that in the US, they are quite process or system focused, whereas our approach comes from the world of service design, so first and foremost it’s about people and how they experience a service. How it makes them feel.

Now, once we understand that, then it’s absolutely about creating systems and processes to ensure that we then consistently deliver an experience that our customers will enjoy. However the way we get to that position is fundamentally different. And it’s better.

You see, this is a co-designed process. We involve the customers and the staff in the company. We work together to design the new or enhanced service. And along the way we’re rapidly prototyping, trying stuff out and seeing what works and what doesn’t.

In the Lean Startup, Eric Reis talked about the Build-Measure-Learn loop. Well for us, there’s a whole phase before that. Ask-Listen-Prototype-Test, then we Build-Measure-Learn. It’s a lot quicker, and more cost-effective, to get to a solution that your customers will love. Involving them in the design is the clever bit.

If you want to learn more about what customer experience is, and how we go about creating great experiences, then you can sign up for our Free 7-day email course here.

Now back to the University. Although I’m not going to be there in the same capacity, you may not have seen the last of me just yet. More news soon…..




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