Why am I writing a daily blog post?

This really should have been the first post. Why am I doing this?

There’s a number of reasons. I’ve always enjoyed writing, I find it helps make sense of what’s in my head. It’s also a great tool for reflection.

I started writing a daily journal back at the end of 2015. Every morning, I write for 10-15 minutes, reflecting on the previous day, thinking about what I’ve learned, then I take some time to write about what I’m thankful for and how I’m feeling, before finishing off by thinking about the day ahead. I use an adapted version of Michael Hyatt’s template, which you can find here.

Last week I watched this interview with Seth Godin. Many of you will know of Seth, he’s a pretty inspirational guy. In the interview, he talks about how he thinks everyone should blog daily. He called it a way of making a ‘thoughtful examination’ of our lives. I liked that.

You’ll also have heard me talk of my good friends Mike Press and Lauren Currie. Again, they encourage us to write, share our work and reflect on the journey.

So there are a lot of influences that led me to start.

The plan, as much as there is one, is to write a daily post on here. Ideally I’ll post and share it in the morning, but sometimes life’s not straightforward and now and again it might not happen until the evening. But as long as it’s live by 23:59, that’ll do me.

One other thing. I’m only posting on weekdays. For some time now, I’ve been trying to stay offline at the weekend. To disconnect, do sports, spend time with my family, walking, thinking, talking, and just being. During the week it’s pretty full-on. Most of my evenings are busy with one thing or another, usually work-related. So the weekends are me-time.

Anyhow, that’s why I’m doing this and when. Let’s get on with it!

2 thoughts on “Why am I writing a daily blog post?

  1. Thanks for sharing that, Ali.

    I like the way you share your thoughts – concise, interesting, and something to think about.

    I’ve just taken a bit of time out to watch the interview with Seth. How inspiring!

    Keep blogging! You’re motivating me!

    1. Hi David, thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. I appreciate it! Yeah, the Seth interview is great – I’ve watched it a couple of times now and will no doubt watch it again. So much great stuff in there!

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