Morning Routines

There’s been a lot of talk online recently about morning routines. Not everyone is a morning person (my son for instance!), so you have to take these posts with a pinch of salt.

Ultimately, what you do in the morning will be based on what works best for you. For some, such as my friend Owen, that will involve waking as late as possible, falling out of bed, grabbing toast and coffee, then rushing to work.

I’m a morning person. Always have been. So the morning is a very productive time of day for me. Here’s what my typical morning routine looks like: –

5.21am Alarm wakes me up
5.30am Meditation (I use the Headspace app)
5.50am Exercise – either an hour on the bike or a run / gym workout
7am Breakfast. Usually banana protein pancakes (post training) or porridge, with a mug of black coffee.
7.30am Shower
8am More coffee and write my daily journal
9am Arrive at the office ready to attack the day

Monday and Friday are usually non-training days, so on those mornings I’ll get up a little later and spend some time reading instead.

I don’t like to rush in the mornings. I like to take my time, to think, ideally to have a couple of mugs of delicious coffee. I subscribe to Pact, who send me a new bag of coffee every 10 days. Coffee is a big part of setting me up for the day.

So that’s my routine. It works for me, it makes me happy and it means that I start my day off feeling fantastic.

How do you start your day?

5 thoughts on “Morning Routines

  1. Nice piece Ali. Loving the daily posts!

    My morning routine is very similar to yours. Except for the meditation (I should make more time for this.)

    Keep it up mate!

    1. Thanks Martin! I’m on day 172 of using Headspace, it’s making a huge difference for me. I miss exercise some mornings, but never my meditation 🙂

  2. I saw the title of the blog and thought: this is one for Owen… then see his name mentioned right up top!

    We’ve discussed it between ourselves many times and although I don’t get up *quite* as early as you, I do have a similarly scheduled routine to get some relaxation, tea and cycling done before work.

    1. Haha, good old Owen, he’s just not a morning person!I think we all find our own routines eventually Sam, and then adapt them to suit our lives. In the summer I try to get out on the road on my bike 2-3 mornings a week, for me it’s the best way to start the day. It’s not so much fun in winter…..

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