Lunch is for…..

I was working with Andy on Tuesday and we’d had a really productive morning. Joanna picked him up at 2pm to go for coffee and from nowhere I had this huge energy crash. It took me an hour to recover, and when I reflected on why this had happened, I realised that for weeks I hadn’t really stopped for lunch.

I had just eaten and kept on working. Eventually it caught up with me. So yesterday I decided to do something different.

I’m based at The Circle in Dundee. You might have heard of it? It’s the brainchild of Kirsty Thomson, the inspirational founder of Along Came Kirsty, and someone who’s become a good friend over the past year. Kirsty’s business is also based there, and everyday at noon they stop working and have lunch together.

I’ve been there since July, and have been meaning to join them, but, you know, there’s always something else to be done……

However yesterday I didn’t do it. Instead, on the stroke of 12, I walked through to the ACK office and joined them for lunch. It was lovely. No phones, no iPads, just human beings enjoying each other’s company and talking to each other. We were even joined by Kirsty’s parents for a while!

For 45 minutes I forgot about my phone. No interruptions, just talking and eating, enjoying the occasion. Like we used to before smartphones took over our lives.

It won’t happen everyday, but I’m going to make more of an effort to take time out during the days that I’m at The Circle and enjoy having my lunch with the growing community of people working there.

2 thoughts on “Lunch is for…..

  1. Although I don’t wish to return to the 1980s, every now and then I pretend I’m there, and switch off the phone and spend quality time with people. Thanks, Ali. It’s great to be reminded to take time out to re-energise.

    1. Back to the 80s would be fun! I do enjoy switching off the phone (well, switching off notifications!) and just getting my head down on some good, old-fashioned, work David 🙂

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