Throwback Thursday – Piggy McGill (2006)

I started blogging back in 2005. Crazy! Back then, blogging wasn’t the SEO-focused content marketing machine that it is today. It was much more simple than that.

The platform I used for my first blog was Blogspot. At the time I was co-founder of a company in Aberdeen called GHRL, hence the url for my blog –

The most successful post was my Bacon Roll League Table Update. Not only did it get us free bacon rolls all over Aberdeenshire, I also got featured in the P&J (thanks for the photo), and we got a lot of enquiries as a result #winning

So, in true Throwback Thursday fashion, here it is in all its glory –

As regular readers of this esteemed journal (!!!) will know, I have a habit of eating bacon rolls on my travels. Bit of a contrast to all my cycling, which is why I still look like I do, despite the hundreds of miles each week, but hey ho!

It’s a few weeks now since I published the last “league table”, so here’s an update. Like Top of the Pops, we’ll work up from 10 to 1. Here goes…

10 – Dizzy’s Aberdeen. A well known watering hole to many, and a second office to the Clydesdale Bank team at Queens Cross! Good for a quiet morning meeting, with a coffee and bacon roll. Lovely!

9 – Willow’s Perth. If you’re ever in the Fair City, Willow’s is a fine place to stop. Opposite the City Hall, you’ll get a fine cup of tea and bacon roll. Open from 8am.

8 – Peggy Scott’s Brechin. Better than your normal service station, on the A90 between Forfar & Brechin. Friendly staff too!

7 – The Horn Errol. Situated half way between Perth & Dundee, The Horn is an institution. You simply have to stop there!

6 – PC World Aberdeen. I’ve stopped in here a couple of times with a major hangover, and they do great big bacon rolls that help you feel better! The craic with the girls is great as well.

5 – Finavon Hotel Brechin. Right beside Peggy Scotts is the Finavon Hotel, with its’ own Costa Coffee shop. This is a stylish little number, and you’re likely to bump into some of Aberdeen’s Gliteratti in here, sipping Espresso, looking cool, and woolfing down a bacon roll! Quality stuff.

4 – No 10 Aberdeen. Another institution, and our Aberdeen office. At various times of the day you’ll find the Aberdeen business community camped out in here, huddled in corners doing all sorts of deals. Often with a coffee (help yourself and as many cups as you can drink before your eyes pop for £1.30) and bacon roll.

3 – Stracathro Services, Brechin. Blimey, Brechin’s in here three times, but from Inverurie it’s almost a couple of hours, so I tend to need to stop here! Good old fashioned greasy spoon here. Nothing fancy, and you’ll be surrounded by truckers, but the food’s top notch. One of the best bacon rolls ever! Worth a stop, if only to be nostalgic and marvel at what you can do with Formica!

2 – Pitstop, Inverurie. Heading out of Inverurie on the A96 towards Huntly, you’ll find the Pitstop. A bus, in a layby, we drove past it many times and wondered what it would be like. Then one day, on the way to Fochabers with our Mountain bikes we stopped in. Fantastic! Bacon & Egg rolls all round, cup of tea, and we were ready for the day ahead. You simply have to stop here.

And finally, at number one, courtesy of the tortilla chips that they give you with the roll, and the comfortable surroundings, it’s the Swallow Hotel, Dundee. Situated right on the roundabout on the way out to Perth, the Swallow is a lovely place to stop off. The rolls even come crispy.

There’s something for everyone here. Some places you’ll stop in your suit. Others you’ll feel more comfortable in your jeans on a day out. Either way, thanks to me(!) you’ll know where you can stop and stock up on those vital carbs! Enjoy.

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