Why don’t men & women get paid the same?

The day after we learned the horror of a Trump election win was what’s known as Equal Pay Day. It marks the point in the year when women (on average) effectively start working for free. This year that point was 51 days from the end of the year. 10th November, 2016.

Pretty terrible, huh?

It’s actually getting better, believe it or not. Using the same methodology that the Fawcett Society does in calculating Equal Pay Day shows that 20 years ago the gap was 76 days.

However the gap isn’t closing fast enough. At the current rate of progress, the Fawcett Society estimates that it will take another 62 years before we reach parity in the UK.

Why are women paid any less than men, for the same job, in this day and age? What can we do to change it?

Does your organisation pay the same rate, regardless of gender? It’s time for this to change.

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