How secure is your data? Are you sure?

I spent yesterday off-site with a client of mine. One of the sessions we had was about Cyber-crime. Oh My God!! It was seriously scary to learn about what’s happening out there.

It turns out that personal & medical data is more valuable to hackers than financial data. That’s because they’ll use that over time to create fake identities. Who knew?!?

Before yesterday, I was of the view that cyber crime was only a threat to big businesses, however that assumption got blown out of the water too. Turns out that 71% of breaches in 2015 affected organisations with between 1-100 employees. Also, 96% of those attacks were ‘not highly difficult’, whilst 97% were avoidable through ‘simple or intermediate controls’.

Some recent system hacks have affected hairdressers, independent shops, and this unfortunate hotel in Glasgow (don’t click the link if you’re easily offended!).

So it can happen to anyone.

You can insure against the risk now, and our friends at GS Group have some useful information on their website. What are you doing to make sure it doesn’t happen to you? It’s something we need to all be mindful of now.

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