Dinghie mozzarella and the sherry trolley

It was a Monday that started out like most others. Meetings, calls, conversations. The usual really. Interesting stuff, some exciting new projects, but nothing out of the ordinary.

It had been our launch party at The Circle on Friday. One of the many people who supported and helped us was local photographer Kathryn Rattray. Well it turns out that Kathryn’s new exhibition, Pink Marrakech, was opening the following day.

We all had stuff on at the weekend, and couldn’t go. Life can be like that sometimes. So we arranged a private viewing for Monday evening. We figured it would be a nice way to end the working day.

I’d been at DJCAD for the afternoon, so had the easier journey to the studio. Whilst we waited for Kirsty, Nicola and Jenny to get down from The Circle, Kathryn introduced me to her partner in crime, the fabulous Velma Pickles.

We waited in the hallway as the girls got the room prepared, not letting us in until we were all ready. They wanted to give us the full-on Marrakech experience. And what an experience it was! Kathryn is a talented photographer, and has captured some wonderful images of this great city. I got my geek on and asked a bunch of photography questions, which Kathryn patiently answered.

By now, the sherry trolley was out and the girls were onto tumblers of the stuff. I had the car, so made do with a cup of Earl Grey. Talk turned to Dundee, and the great things happening in our City. There’s a swagger back to Dundee. It’s a feeling of confidence, with our creative community at its heart.

At the same time, it’s a City of contrasts. We still have the highest unemployment rate in the country and 28% of our children live below the poverty line. More on that another day.


The girls were onto the Bucky cocktails (there may be some sore heads this morning!) and the conversation moved to the City Centre. It’s a changing landscape, with the Independent retailers being squeezed out by the corporates. We spoke of the change in the Overgate Centre, the eye-watering rentals that are being charged, and the bland chain restaurants, with their dinghie mozzarella, and how we’d all rather avoid the place if we can.

Before we knew it, we’d spent the best part of three hours in Studio 11. And what a hoot we’d had! Sometimes we’re so busy existing, that we forget to really live life. Last night was a reminder of the fun that can be had when you spend time with interesting people.

Pink Marrakech will run until the end of December, so get yourself up there. If you’re lucky, the sherry trolley will come out. If it does, settle in and enjoy the ride!

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