Why compete when you can collaborate?

Back in the 90s, I had a Chairman who would often say, “why compete when you can collaborate?”. It’s stuck with me ever since and I think about it a lot.

Yesterday I met with some wonderful people who do similar things to me, but in a different market. I met with another in Glasgow last week, and the theme of both discussions was ‘how can we work together?’

It’s a healthy conversation to be having. The alternative would be to see each other as competitors and avoid one another. However, what would we be missing out on if we did that? By collaborating, we can bid for bigger projects, pool our skills and resources, and all benefit. We can also work together to develop the marketplace. It seems logical to me!

This approach requires trust, if you’ve behaved badly in the past, or you don’t run your business in an ethical and socially responsible way, then I’m not interested in working with you. But if we can trust one another, then the potential is exciting.

Whats your view? Compete or collaborate?

2 thoughts on “Why compete when you can collaborate?

  1. I am a true believer in this Ali, it is what I am all about. Helping other businesses achieve their goals and if that means working with other businesses like mine then I am happy to do so.
    Collaborate all the way 😀

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