How we use space at The Circle

Yesterday afternoon I spent a fascinating couple of hours at The Circle talking about how we use the space. DJCAD Interior & Environmental Design student, Jenna Cook, is using The Circle as her final year project.

Ten of the tenants got together for a workshop with Jenna. I’m always impressed by design students – they think differently, and have a natural curiosity. The workshop was professionally facilitated by Jenna, who put us all at ease and clearly explained each of the tasks we would be doing and why.

I was in my element in the first task as we got the Post-It Notes out and answered several questions that Jenna had posed for us about how we used the space. We then spoke about some of the answers. I’m excited to see the results of this once Jenna’s had time to collate the answers.

Our second task was to map the typical journeys that each of us make on a day at The Circle. We were asked questions such as where is our favourite place, where is the best space to meet people (the kitchen!), and where do we spend most of our time. Again, Jenna has a tonne of data to work through now.

The final task was the most fun. Jenna had made models for each of us, and provided us with coloured paper, scissors, print-stick and pens. Our job was to re-imagine how the space could be used based around some key themes – health, leisure, work, retail, education, transport and entertainment. We had great fun, and once again, there were ten very different concepts for Jenna to take away and analyse.

The thing that struck me most was how much work Jenna had put into the afternoon. Every task had been carefully designed. The laser-cut Circle with the questions etched for our first task was a thing of beauty. The models we were given to work with on the final task were amazing, they’d been laser cut again and designed to provoke us to think differently. So much detail – we even had little people to add to our models.

We’re excited by the passion and energy Jenna has shown for The Circle and the imagination and creativity that she has in spades. We’re delighted and humbled to part of this impressive young woman’s final year project, and looking forward to seeing how this project turns out.

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