Making the ordinary extraordinary

Yesterday I wrote about the fact that opportunities are all around us if we’re prepared to look for them. Today I want to put a little meat on the bones for you with some examples. I’m going to tell you three stories over the next week of people who’ve done just this – made the ordinary extraordinary.

First up is Pam Laird. Pam runs Fin & Co, a hair salon in Carnoustie. Pam’s mission is to banish bad hair days forever! When I first met Pam, she was very clear with me that she wanted to have the best customer experience, of any salon, in the world. Amazing! I love people that think like that.

Over the past year Pam has worked tirelessly towards her goal. The average experience at a hair salon is just that – average. However at Fin & Co, Pam’s been relentlessly focusing on how she can make it better. That’s involved a refit of the salon, training for the team in customer experience, and trips to industry events around the world to learn from the best.

Pam also surveyed her customers this summer, but not in the way that people normally do – where they ask questions that are really designed for marketing purposes. You know the style. No, Pam asked some great questions designed to get feedback that could make the experience better. Questions like, “what should we stop doing?”, and “how could we improve?”.

Over 120 people took part, which was amazing. And as you’d expect, now that you know Pam, she’s already using their feedback to improve the experience. I have absolutely no doubt that Pam will achieve her goal, and her competitors better watch out. One of the fascinating things that came out of the research was where people travel from to get their haircut. Pam’s got people coming from Aberdeenshire, Fife, Edinburgh and beyond.

Now, walk down the High Street of any UK town or city and you’ll see a plethora of hair salons. It’s an incredibly competitive market. But Pam’s proving that if you set out to be the best – to move from ordinary to extraordinary – then you can achieve great things.

Spending time with Pam is inspiring. She’s got great drive and vision. She’s created a salon where you want to go, just to hang out. The atmosphere is so good, so positive and upbeat. It’s what success feels like.

So, how can you make the ordinary extraordinary?

One thought on “Making the ordinary extraordinary

  1. I couldn’t more Ali! As a new customer of fun and co, I just can’t see myself going anywhere else.
    They have been so friendly and helpful with colour changes too. Professional and friendly – I have a funny feeling Pam is far from finished yet.
    2017 is going to be a fab year for them and their customers.

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