Taking time to say thank you!

This weekend I did something that I really should do more often – I said thank you publicly to several people. Each was for a different reason, some work related, some for being there for me, some just because.

If you read this blog regularly, then you’ll know that I write a journal each day. One of the things I do each day is write a little about what I’m thankful for. I realised that although I’d often journaled about the people in my life and how much I appreciate them, I hadn’t necessarily told them how I felt.

And so I found myself sitting down, with some coffee, on Saturday morning and writing several thank you notes. Some were posted publicly on social media, some shared in private groups, some sent by messenger. All of them were sent from the heart.

Life is so busy, we never have enough time, there’s always something demanding our attention. But sometimes it’s good to sit back and reflect on the journey. I’m doing that more and more as I get older. Maybe it’s an age thing? Either way, I’m more grateful than ever before for the people around me who support, help, nurture, encourage, motivate and inspire me.

Amazing people, doing wonderful things. Often they’re so busy with their own lives, that they don’t realise the impact they have on others. But they do, and it’s important that we let them know.

So who are you grateful for? And when did you last tell them? Take some time, as we roll towards Christmas, to reach out and say thank you.

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