Innovations we take for granted

My mum joined us for dinner on New Year’s Day. As we were having a cheeky aperitif, we were talking about shopping – it’s thrill a minute in the McGill house! My mum’s not so good on her feet these days, so rather than getting the bus into Perth, traipsing around the supermarket, bagging up her groceries, then getting a bus or taxi home, she gets onto her iPad and shops online.

What’s so special about that I hear you say, we all do it? Yes, but think about it for a minute. To do things the ‘old’ way would have taken my mum a few hours and cost her upwards of £10 in taxi fares. Never mind the strain and stress it would have caused her.

Instead, she now shops from the comfort of her home, our home, or wherever she happens to be using her iPad. And what do Tesco charge her for this? £1 and that includes the delivery!

Just think about that for a minute. £1 for them to do her shopping for her AND deliver it to Scone. Wow!

Why do they do that? It’s clearly costing them money. However, if they didn’t do it, someone else would and Tesco would lose the most valuable thing in the whole transaction – the data.

For my mum, and lots of other people like her, this innovation is a god-send. It got me thinking about what other innovations have been similarly liberating for her generation. Mum likes to read, so her Kindle has been a huge benefit (although there are still about a million actual books in her house!). Then there’s Amazon. She can order stuff that she needs and get it the next day.

Amazing! And it gives her more time to spend on Facebook, catching up with friends and relatives around the globe.

What other innovations can you think of that have been equally empowering?


2 thoughts on “Innovations we take for granted

  1. ….and gives you mum more time to read your blog posts 😉 ha ha!

    Shopping like that is brilliant for people like your mum but I still prefer to physically go do food shopping so I can select the right fruit & veg I want rather than what is automatically selected.

    One service I know of but haven’t tried is in Starbucks, you can order your coffee and pay for it direct from their app so that you don’t have to stand in the queue

    1. Haha, very true Steve! Yes, I’ve heard that we can do that in the UK now, but I haven’t used that either.

      I also agree re fruit & veg!

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