I’m an accountant, get me out of here!

Some days you have to suck it up and do stuff that you really don’t enjoy. That’s business, and the joys of being a business owner.

As a one-time accountant (I qualified back in 1992), one of the jobs I still do is the accounting for my brother’s golf business (which I have a small investment in).

Over the years we’ve hired a few book-keepers, but for one reason or another we’ve found ourselves in 2017 doing all of the book-keeping and accounting ourselves.

And so it was that on Monday morning I came into the office and faced a day of accounting work. I can’t say that I was thrilled, but being a morning person, I got my head down and got stuck in.

There were a lot of balances to reconcile, and slowly but surely I worked my way through them. Before I knew it, I’d got to lunchtime, when I had planned to stop and spend a couple of hours planning the rest of the month. However, over lunch I decided to push on – I had maybe a couple of hours left to get everything balanced.

I also knew that I had a meeting with the amazing Vicky Beach Huts (who’s another former accountant) at 3pm, so if I could just finish it by then, I could relax and enjoy the rest of the day. I reconciled the last account at 2.50pm – just enough time to put the kettle on.

Vicky and I laughed about our secret joy of sorting things out; of balancing the books. There’s a feeling of satisfaction when you get there. It’s not something that either of us want to be doing very often. But now and again, it’s nice to get our fix…..

What are the jobs that you don’t enjoy doing, but when you do them you get a sense of satisfaction from? I’d love to hear about them!

6 thoughts on “I’m an accountant, get me out of here!

  1. Writing up minutes / meeting notes. Issuing invoices. Doing VAT. Cleaning windows! North Berwick not Broughty Ferry to be fair….;-)

  2. It’s so true Ali – I’ve spent a good few hours on the business ‘books’ this morning. I find it tedious but I’m so so glad that they are all up to date and done.
    Though I’d choose accounting over hoovering any day!

  3. I am terrible I have a leaner but tidy before she comes and an amazing book-keeper but I try to have things in as best shape before she comes. Don’t enjoy either but always happy to get them done!

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