Should this blog move to video?

Good morning campers! That’s 10 weeks of daily blogs complete today. I’m quite pleased with that, and I’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who’s read, shared and commented – it means a lot to me.

Last night I joined Chris Marr’s webinar with the amazing Marcus Sheridan. I was lucky enough to spend time with Marcus back in May on his World Class Communication workshop. It was a day that fundamentally changed the way I present, and that has had a huge impact on my life since.

As you may know, Marcus is one of the leading figures in Content Marketing and has just published a new book, which you need to get your hands on. Anyway, in last night’s webinar, he riffed on video and spoke about how, in his opinion, we all need to be producing video content – it’s become the primary way we consume content.

And so, today, at the end of week 10, I’d like to ask your opinion on the way forward for this blog.

Keep writing?

Or move to a daily Vlog?

Let me know what you’d prefer.


I’m contemplating a new weekly video show, I’ve spent the whole evening looking at cameras (although I could just use my DSLR, but, well, NEW TECH!!). That would be separate from this, which I’ll continue to produce in whatever format the majority prefer.


4 thoughts on “Should this blog move to video?

  1. Hey Ali,

    Video is the future and I love watching video. But I also like to read a written blog – especially in the morning over breakfast.

    I read your daily blog and Peter Timberlake’s 40 Minute Blog which I have my smoothie. The Mrs is catching up on her police dog blogs and we often chat about what we’ve read.

    Not a time when I want to be putting headphones in.

    Only my personal preference of course.

    1. Thanks Roger, everyone agrees with you! I didn’t want to assume, so it’s got to take stock and ask for feedback. Appreciate you reading and commenting, and it’s good to know that I’m part of your morning routine!

  2. Keep writing. I get the sense it is good for you and part of your morning routine.

    Start a vlog but ease in and do one a week, or ad-hoc?

    I think that video lends itself better when you’ve got something to show over and above a talking head. If you are going on a trip, to an event, or will have some locations that come across well on video.

    1. Thanks Owen. I’m not a fan of talking heads, but wanted to see what my audience wanted. Overwhelmingly it’s the written word. I actually write them the night before, schedule the post, and then share it after training! Thinking of a weekly video ‘show’, have started brainstorming ideas….

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