The benefits of batching

If you’re someone who produces content, then you’ll be familiar with the concept of ‘batching’. For those who aren’t, batching means that you record or produce a number of pieces of content – those could be blogs, podcasts, or videos – in one go. So instead of writing a daily blog like this every day, you’d actually write them all on Monday and then release one a day.

Many content creators use batching, and schedule time in their calendars to get this done. If you’re interviewing people, it means that you might have a day full of interviews, followed by a day full of editing. Make sense?

When I was reflecting back on 2016, one of the things I noticed was that I was quite disorganised when it came to meetings. Looking at my diary, there would be weeks where I had meetings every day. The logic was that I was trying to be accomodating, however the reality was that this was impacting on my ability to do my job effectively.

Moving into 2017 I’m trying to be a lot more organised, so I’ve scheduled time into my calendar over the first three months of the year for content creation. I’ve also scheduled all of the client delivery days that I can, my speaking engagements, and wherever possible, my training.

The other thing I’m doing, to tackle the problem of daily meetings, is batching my meetings and calls. We’re only two weeks into the new year, but already I’m seeing a difference. Yesterday was a meeting day, which meant a total of 5 meetings, plus a dental appointment. It was an intense, but productive day. It means that the rest of the week can be focused on project delivery, although I was still sitting sending emails at 10pm.

In a fortnight’s time I have two days of Skype calls with consultants that we’re interviewing to join our team. I’ve organised these via Calendly, which makes the process easy for everyone. Again, this batching of calls avoids my diary becoming one big uncontrolled mess. Yes, those days will be intense, but the rest of the week can remain focused on growing the business.

Do you batch any of your work? Maybe your content creation? I’d be really interested to hear from anyone who’s tried to batch meetings and calls – what’s your experience been?


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