Feeding off one another

Yesterday was a good day. I spent it with some great people, and was lucky enough to bump into some good friends along the way. I also got to speak to some amazing people on twitter, who I’d have loved to spend the evening with.

You see, life is about people. I don’t buy the whole B2B / B2C thing. We’re dealing with people. Or as someone said to me at a meeting yesterday evening, Human to Human.

Do you ever have days like that?

I was up at 5.30am, to get my bike training in. I love pushing myself first thing in the morning – it really fires me up for the day. Then, after breakfast and some amazing coffee, it was on to Dundee for the first of several meetings. We spoke about redesigning a traditional approach – there are always opportunities to do things better.

I then spent three glorious hours at DJCAD, working with Louise Valentine. An amazing person, who is teaching me so much as we work together. I’m excited to be working with Louise on several fronts.

After some emails and calls, as well as time planning a talk I’m giving at Aberdeen University next week, I walked down to DCA to meet with Charlotte Gillet. Charlotte is awesome! The most un-accountant type of person to be the owner of an accounting business that you will ever meet. I love spending time with her. This was the last meeting of the day, yet with the energy we generated in the 90 minutes or so, we could have powered Dundee. I left DCA feeling fresher than I’d done at 9am, full of ideas, and excited about the things we’re going to work on together.

Reflecting on my day, I realised how lucky I am. I’m 47, almost 48, and I’m more excited about life and how I earn my living than I’ve ever been.

And I haven’t even told you about my online squad! The guys in CMA, the folks in London celebrating #upfront last night, including Ummi & Lauren.

Thank you to all of you. For being you, for doing what you do, for inspiring me. I couldn’t do what I do without you.

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