So yesterday didn’t go to plan….

I’ll let you into a secret. Most days I write this daily blog post the evening before. For instance I’m writing this at 9pm, whilst simultaneously binge-watching Casey Neistat and drinking tea. Who says that men can’t multi-task???

Once the post is ready, then I schedule it to publish, usually around 6am. So if you’re an early bird, you don’t actually have to wait until I share the post, which I tend to do after I’ve trained and I’m eating breakfast 7.15ish. It just makes life a lot easier.

On Sunday evening I’d written Monday’s post – it was one of my longer ones at around 500 words – and scheduled it to post at 6.01am (I’ve talked about my liking for weird times before). As I was drinking my coffee, I shared the post via Buffer. All was good – and the coffee was amazing!

Joanna asked what was wrong with my blog. I was like, what? Then she showed me. Instead of my post about the value of making time for yourself, there was a simple message on the screen – ‘Hacked by Imam’. Little fucker!!

Cue me going on a rage for a bit, then calming down and googling what I needed to do to make this go away. Turns out there was a security vulnerability in the last WordPress update. Thanks guys. I could fix it by installing a security plugin, then changing the passwords. I did all of this, then went one stage further by setting up a new user profile for me. Work that one out ya wee bastards!!

An hour later and the site was secure again, however unfortunately the hack meant that I’d lost Monday’s post. I didn’t have time to write it again – you’ll just have to trust me when I tell you it was the best post yet. So even though it may have looked as though I didn’t post yesterday, I did. I’m not stopping this, even this week when my diary is so crammed full that I’m going to have to get creative. No siree!!

I’m still pissed off though. Why would someone want to hack a personal blog. It’s not like I’m Apple or some other big company! Anyway, here I am again today. As I was on Friday and will be again tomorrow. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it!

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