The best ideas are usually stolen from someone else….

Yesterday’s post about standing out from the crowd seemed to strike a chord. I got a tonne of responses across Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn. Thank you.

One of those was from my buddy Kev Steel. We worked together when I lived in Aberdeen. I’ve had some great times with Kev, one of which involved the Vaccines in CitizenM Glasgow, but that’s a story for another day. Then there was that time we drank far too much whisky with Mich Barclay in Musa, but again, I digress….

Kev made a really good point on Facebook. To quote…

I think the inverse of this is just as important – the hiring organisation needs to tailor its job advertisement to attract the “stand out from the crowd” candidates you speak about. Old school and established recruitment consultants (there are good boutique firms out there) have a lot to answer for here.

Just log on to and have a look at the listings – 95%+ all generic job and candidate specs that look like they have been churned out via systemised process.

This will put off candidates sending any kind of “stand out CV” – after all, why would they think an organisation would want something different if the advertisement doesn’t convey this? A big factor is the (potentially misplaced) fear that anything other than a standard CV would come across as unprofessional.

What’s the likely % of advertisements that actually say “we’re looking for something different in terms of your application – so be creative!”. I’m betting pretty low.

Why are job advertisements not written in blog format with human language (not the usual WE ARE LOOKING FOR AMBITIOUS MOTIVATED INDIVIDUALS shite) that speaks directly to the ideal candidate?

You can rely on Steely to hit the nail on the head. So basically that’s today’s post. Written by Kev. What a trooper!

It’s also a call to action. If you’re a business owner, and you want to recruit people, then make an effort. Otherwise don’t complain when you get a pile of uninspiring CVs.

Cheers Kev!

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