How I create my vlog

As some of you know, I’ve now started publishing a weekly Vlog. I’ve been really into using video over the past year, starting to create business content on my YouTube channel about a year ago. My first foray onto YouTube happened back in 2011 – you can see my old channel here.

To be honest though, I got kinda bored of me talking to the camera about technical design stuff, so I stopped making them until I got my mojo back. I was inspired by my friends Gavin Bell, Vicky Beach Huts and Roger Edwards to start my own Vlog, and have loved the transition from creating business content to the more storytelling format of a Vlog.

It turns out that the ideal frequency for publishing video content is once a week (according to YouTube), and so we’re all doing weekly vlogs. I’ve been binge-watching Casey Neistat the past few weeks and getting a TONNE of inspiration. I really need a drone in my life now, and spent yesterday morning googling the Phantom 4. Imagine the shots I could get with one of those babies…..

Here’s how I go about creating each Vlog.

First up, I choose a day of the week that has something interesting going on. Then I start to map out the story that I want to tell. I’m only on Vlog 006, so this is still very much a work in progress. But we’re getting there.

Next we get to the day, and I start thinking about the shots I want to get, based on things like the scenery I will pass as I’m driving / walking to my destinations. A drone would make this so much better……

Then I start shooting. I’m getting more confident filming myself in public. Not just speaking to the camera, but setting up a camera to get a shot of me walking or running by. I’m at the point now where I’m more concerned about someone nicking my camera than what people will think of me.

Once I’ve got it all recorded, I start thinking about the type of music that will work with the story, and start searching on YouTube. There are several good sites for copyright free music out there.

Finally, it’s time to start editing it all together. I use Camtasia, and have been really impressed with the latest update. I’m consciously trying to edit each one a little better – not just do the same things. For instance I was getting a bit lazy with the Fade transition, just using it without thinking, but after watching some of Casey’s videos and noticing the way he was editing it together, I’ve stopped doing that as much. Like I say, it’s a work in progress.

Next up, I create a custom thubmnail – not just for YouTube, but also for sharing on social media. Turns out an image generates better engagement than a simple link – who knew?!?

And that’s pretty much it. I’ve settled on Wednesday as the day for publishing it. Mainly because Gavin publishes his on a Monday and they’re bloody good! I want mine to stand alone, and not be watched at the same time as Gav’s – especially when he uses the drone.

Did I mention that I want a drone??


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