Marketing 2.0

I spent a fun evening yesterday delivering a workshop for students on the Enterprise Challenge at the University of Dundee. I love teaching, and take every opportunity to get in front of a group of people to help them learn new things.

This week I’ve run three workshops, as well as a full day of teaching at DJCAD. That makes me happy.

Last night I’d been asked to talk about marketing. I designed a very interactive session – it’s much more fun for all of us that way. We had some great discussions, debates, and learned from one another in a fun way. The two hours passed in a heartbeat.

What impressed me last night was how switched on the students were. They asked some really insightful questions, and often got to the answers to my questions quicker than I expected. They’re also really switched on when it comes to using social platforms for business. When I asked the question, “Which platforms should you be using?”, the answer came back straight away – “The ones where your audience are.”

I’ve asked that question of business people often, and rarely do they answer it so quickly.

I did manage to get them on two counts however. No-one in the room had heard of Gary Vaynerchuck. That surprised me! Secondly, only a couple were familiar with the concept of Content Marketing. That also surprised me.

So, dear students, make it your business to know this stuff. If you came to me for a marketing role, and couldn’t give me chapter & verse on content marketing, or talk to me about your opinion on GaryVee, then we wouldn’t be taking things any further.

Still room to up your game 🙂

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