Do What You Can’t

I’m a big Casey Neistat fan, as anyone who regularly reads these posts will know. Last week Casey posted a new video on his YouTube channel  called Do What You Can’t.

I LOVE THIS VIDEO!! I must have watched it a dozen times.

For so many of us, there’s been someone there saying ‘You can’t’. It may have been a parent, a relative, a school-teacher, a friend, a University Professor, or in my case a business partner.

But do you know what? YOU CAN!

You can do anything you set your mind to. Anything is possible. For me, running a business can be hard. At times it’s really hard, and there are days when I want to throw the towel in. Days when I feel like screaming. But I dig in, double-down, and push through. Because I CAN, and because I know I’d be a terrible employee.

This doesn’t have to be about business though. Maybe you want to paint, design jewellery, travel to Africa to work with children, create videos on YouTube, or run a marathon. Don’t listen to the doubters, the nay-sayers, those negative people that always see the problems.

Fuck them!

Life is out there, waiting to be lived.

Do What You Can’t.

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